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What is right?

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What is right for my business or my team? Perhaps you were just about to ring a client, email a supplier or finish a report but, would it hurt to stop and listen to your staff instead? Staff turnover and succession planning so often get ignored in the bigger picture.

Your own way….

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Take your time and find your own way. It is very easy to search Google, bing, ask or yahoo to find answers to questions on the internet, but, do you really need to? There are a myriad of business tools, advice and strategies available, fantastic for those “challenging, slow days” but don’t forget about your […]

To blog or not to blog?

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A good question. Blogging should be relevant and real, have a cause and a goal. If it is just “chat” then it is relevant on specific social websites. However, if it is to be used for work, then I am keen to ensure that it is not a “space filler”. Hence, my blog today is […]

Strategy and Financial Awareness

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Interestingly, an article I read this month states that the two main reasons for business failure are a)lack of strategy and b)insufficient financial comprehension – not issues within partnerships, minimal product knowledge or market status: reasons we have all heard over the last few years.


in Articles by Charlotte

During this month, many of my meetings have involved some kind of discussion regarding perspective. Is perspective a skill to be learnt or a natural ability? Can one person’s perspective be another person’s opinion? We all have days when clarity is easy, the aim is to take that clarity to work and utilise it within […]

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