Can leaders take a break? Should they? How?

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As a business leader, planning a sabbatical involves understanding the underlying reasons and impact. In the fast-paced world of business, the concept of taking a sabbatical might seem counterintuitive. However, there are compelling reasons why business leaders should consider scheduling a break. This decision is complex and not without potential drawbacks, which means it’s even […]

WOW – Ways of Working: A Case Study by Andrew Gemmell

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Resilience has become a pervasive word in recent years, finding its way into conversations about various challenges such as Covid and inter-generational perceptions. It is a nuanced quality in humans, and its development involves input from numerous domains. Amidst the nuances, there is a simple yet often overlooked concept that can significantly reduce the stress […]

Why are (most) meetings a waste of time?

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Written by Charlotte Rimmer for The Tawny Frogmouth Magazine, February 2024. Meetings are a valuable tool when they’re executed effectively. However, we’ve all experienced the frustration of wasted time in unproductive meetings. Throughout my work globally, I’ve discovered a key insight which consistently leads to a breakthrough moment: understanding the requirements for conducting effective meetings.

Imposter Syndrome: A Case Study by Brigid Asquith-Hunt

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We’ve been through a lot over recent years with a global pandemic and lockdowns creating new labour force participation dynamics and changing working conditions! But as we settle into a ‘new normal’ I have noticed many suffering a fall in self-belief and confidence in their work, particularly in emerging leaders. These managers have largely experienced […]

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