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Aide de MD is a consulting service offering confidential support and guidance to SME business owners. We work with MDs and CEOs to achieve strategic growth, accountable management and an effective infrastructure in their businesses.

What Do We Do?

You have personally selected the best team for your business and created a solid, trusted work environment with passionate people. Your management team is effective and takes direction well, but the business plan hasn’t been reviewed recently as you’re all so busy. The next step requires careful planning with an objective perspective. Your colleagues are your employees and thus have a responsibility to their own team and their own ambitions. This doesn’t always best serve the purpose or greater good of your business.

You need an experienced, impartial consultant.

Enter Aide de MD

Our role is to be your external advisor, collaborator, sounding board and peer. We guide and work with you to realise your business goals. We discuss, review and challenge your business plan together, and develop a strategy to make your business stronger and independent. This creates room and opportunity, allowing you to choose your next step. This may be to grow, sell, or even hire an MD/GM – allowing you to step back to 4 days per week, take 3 months holiday or start another business. There are several programs to implement, depending on the life cycle of your business. The programs can be run independently or concurrently depending on the initial assessment.

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We facilitate engaging and productive workshops for you and your team in a fun, lively environment. Identify and strengthen team and individual accountabilities and agree on goals and direction.


To guide and support MDs and CEOs towards independent growth through clever, sustainable infrastructure.

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    Aide de MD
    Aide de MD is a consulting service offering business owners confidential support and guidance, working with businesses across Australia and Singapore. Aide de MD specialises in accountability frameworks, growth strategies and businesses in transition.
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