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At Aide de MD, we mentor you & your leadership team to define and achieve your commercial goals. We reach successful outcomes for your business by using accountability frameworks, people strategy and clever, sustainable programs.

Our role is to be your external advisor, collaborator, sounding board and peer. With our experience and objectivity, we work with you to realise your business goals. We discuss, review and challenge your business plan together, and develop a strategy to make your business stronger and independent.

Business planning requires time, effort and a different perspective. Many organisations struggle to find time to work ON the business as the team is focussed in delivery mode. Our framework creates room for accountability and development opportunities, allowing you to carefully and strategically choose the next step for you and your team. This may include expanding, selling, diversifying or taking a sabbatical. Or it might be as simple as improving your accountability structure so that you have increased autonomy and profitability.

Aide de MD has worked with hundreds of executives across a range of businesses. We are constantly educating ourselves and our clients to improve business independence. We will remind you why you started down this path, why you work so hard, and how to achieve your vision.

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We facilitate engaging and productive workshops for you and your team in a fun, lively environment. Identify and strengthen team and individual accountabilities and agree on goals and direction.


Core Values

Our values are important to us and define how we do business each and every day.

Our Mission

To guide and support MDs and CEOs towards independent growth through clever, sustainable infrastructure.

Our Values
  • Objectivity – We create space to think clearly
  • Innate integrity – It’s natural to us
  • Perspective – We see things from different points of view
  • Perpetual learning – We are constantly improving through learning
  • Enjoying what we do – We enjoy working together with our clients
  • Helping people – We’re motivated by the success of our clients

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    Aide de MD is a consulting service offering business owners confidential support and guidance, working with businesses across Australia and Singapore. Aide de MD specialises in accountability frameworks, growth strategies and businesses in transition.
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