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Charlotte of Aide de MD has been an amazing partner for our digital teams as we have grown from around 100 people mainly in one location to more than 500 people across multiple regions globally. She has been able to run amazing accountability, communication and leadership programs for all levels in the organisation which were impactful across different cultures and countries. No matter the country, the teams rated her highly and we have seen measurable benefits in the attitude and engagement of the teams.

Beyond team programs, she is a valued advisor and sounding board for the leadership team. Especially in a quickly growing and changing organisation, having someone external who leaders can talk through challenges, concerns and questions is often undervalued. Charlotte has helped demonstrably in this regard.

We look forward to working with her in the months and years ahead. I would be happy to speak with anyone about her on LinkedIn if you have further questions.

Connor Clark-Lindh

Charlotte has been our business mentor for a couple of years now.

As accountants, we know the importance of good business management. This is where Charlotte came in. She reminded us that we need to give our own business the same care and attention that we advise our clients to give their own businesses.

The commitment, passion and enthusiasm Charlotte brings to our sessions never wavers.
With Charlotte’s guidance and collaborative approach, we have been able to create structure, accountability and the strength for our business to grow and provide our team a great working environment.

From our quarterly 1 on 1’s to our annual strategy day, all parts of Aide de MD’s services have given us the tools and insight into maintaining a healthy business.

This rewarding partnership has enabled us to achieve and maintain our business goals. Charlotte’s expert knowledge, guidance and ongoing support has been invaluable to our business. You will always receive an exemplary service from the whole Aide de MD team.

We look forward to working closely with Charlotte and the rest of the team for many years to come.

Elly Bowden-Kibble
Partner Mair Mansfield & Co.

The accountability session was a great opportunity to bring our team together for development training that suited all skill levels. The session was engaging, providing practical advice and a step by step toolkit. I would highly recommend as a team-building exercise that provides staff with the skills to manage workload, prioritise their time and realise the importance of effective communication! Thank you, Charlotte!

Rachel Taylor
Head of Project Management and Studio Balarinji

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of working with Charlotte Rimmer and Aide de MD to help you strengthen your business and your own professional capacities, then you are in for a treat! Charlotte is the best strategic advisor with whom I have ever worked. She is laser sharp in her ability to assess situations relating to business growth, accountability and shared responsibilities, and equally skilled in being able to navigate and guide her clients to constructive solutions.

Charlotte is honest and forthright. If you want to know where you stand, ask Charlotte. Always though, she communicates with compassion, truth, empathy and great respect. She has given wise counsel and support to both me and my Executive staff on a number of occasions and worked with all of us to strengthen our Executive team bonds and our Executive performance.

Her business Aide de MD is just as it says – an aid to the person in charge who needs more of themselves to cover all their responsibilities. An investment in Charlotte is a great investment in both yourself and your business. I can thoroughly recommend Charlotte and Aide de MD to anyone wanting to empower themselves, their staff and/ or their business.

Lindsay Cane
CEO Royal Far West

I really enjoyed working with Charlotte in what has been an incredibly tough year dealing with unforeseen challenges. The connection we had was very natural from the start!
Her thought processes to formulate ideas really helped. She has been a big support and wonderful to work with.

Nicola Cowie
National Workplace Operations Manager Williams Lea

I’ve worked with Charlotte for the last 6 months with a focus on completing and stabilising my growing team, and building a positive, high performing culture in a complex, rapidly changing environment. I quickly realised that Charlotte is a fantastic person to have in your corner. She brings a wealth of experience and insight around business practice and leadership, and perhaps more importantly is easy and fun to work with. She really helps cut through the noise and establish clarity and realistic solutions to a business issue, whatever that may be. So far we have worked together on a whole range of areas, from self leadership and establishing accountability within teams through to running effective meetings – and will continue our journey this year. I highly recommend Charlotte as a business partner.

Katherine Burchfield
Health Director Royal Far West

I engaged Charlotte to run a 12-month coaching program with one of my top consultants who shows leadership potential and wants to become a manager. Over the initial 6 months of the program, I have seen a level of maturity, self-awareness and self-regulation in this person that wasn’t present before. I believe this is largely due to the sound advice and skilful coaching of Charlotte, and I highly recommend her to business owners who need support developing their teams.

Alex Brennan
Founder and Managing Director ASR Recruitment

Charlotte combines exceptional management know-how with practical strategy. In 2018 we built on the early accountability infrastructure work Charlotte did for us, with individual one-on-one management development programs for key staff. Charlotte’s clarity and cut-through methodology always delivers value for investment. She is an integral part of our growth strategy.

Roslyn Moriarty
Managing Director Balarinji and The Moriarty Foundation

We have worked with Charlotte for over four months and found her approach to facilitating desired change within our business highly valuable.

We are a business that is approximately 7 years old that had grown from 2 partners to a team of 17 people and we knew “what got us here won’t get us there”. Charlotte has been instrumental in helping us investigate and navigate through various issues by first acknowledging them and then taking initiatives to act on changes to enhance the way we all work together and facilitate resetting the business for future growth.

We intend on continuing to utilise Aide de MD services in the future.

Justin Kuiters
Director WINIM
    Aide de MD
    Aide de MD is a consulting service offering business owners confidential support and guidance, working with businesses across Australia and Singapore. Aide de MD specialises in accountability frameworks, growth strategies and businesses in transition.
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