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Over a 6 month period the weekly Skype meetings with Charlotte, to help with the development of my business has proved invaluable. I live and work in Singapore and it can sometimes be a bit isolated in terms of getting help but the ability to do these meetings remotely allowed me to use an incredible resource. Many thanks Charlotte.

Simon Raftery
Orthomed Physio

Charlotte has asked the right questions to lead me to very solid business decisions. She has helped me focus and prioritise what is important in my business. Her coaching has helped me to evolve my business & direct it on a path that I am proud of. Charlotte is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with her wealth of knowledge & experience.

Marc Lynch
Creative director/Owner Digart Agency

Charlotte has been an invaluable sound-board, advisor and mentor to me over the past two years. Her dedication to ensuring that you have the very best advice and follow-up on how things are tracking and what results are being seen is commendable. Charlotte has challenged my thinking on a number of topics and has helped me approach challenges and obstacles from an alternative point of view. She builds trust quickly, always delivers on what she says she will and does it with enthusiasm, candor and an engaging and warm style. If you need a mentor, coach and guide and don’t mind doing homework (you will be expected to do homework!) and need someone that you can rely on regardless of the day of the week or time of the day then Charlotte is someone you should get to know.

Jason Ajai
Principal Partner Talent Web

Aide de MD is the perfect solution for me as a small business owner. I had been used to working in larger companies throughout my career where everyone had specialist roles so setting up Belle Porschelle required pulling together a variety of skills and working 24/7. I soon realised that it was not physically possible to do absolutely everything and that I was not allowing the business to grow as best I could. Charlotte knows a lot of excellent professionals and has put me in touch with some valuable contacts to improve efficiency and enable me to focus on sales and over viewing the business which has in turn improved performance. We meet monthly and I find this an excellent time to discuss with a like-minded peer various business initiatives and ensure that I have a dedicated timeframe to complete objectives from the last meeting before the next one! I highly recommend Aide de MD and Charlotte to any SME looking to ensure they run a truly effective business across all facets. The confidence she can provide with decision making is invaluable.

Reika Roberts
Managing Director Belle Porschelle and Derma Aesthetics Pty Ltd

I hired Charlotte to lead my high achieving sales team while on maternity leave. Charlotte has demonstrated a dedicated and versatile skill set managing different scenarios with the same amount of professionalism and focus. It is easy to work with Charlotte because she has a delightful personality and maintains an honest and upfront communication style. I have no hesitation recommending Charlotte to a fellow Managing Director in or outside the industry as I believe she could turn her hand to most things.

Thank you for all your help Charlotte, I have been delighted with how you have run my business.

Victoria Butt
Director Parity Consulting

Charlotte has a very broad skill set and wide ranging experience which makes her an excellent internal resource. She is an active listener and, although very wise, does not try and solve the problem for the staff member. She will listen, ask pertinent questions, and work through the issue with you until you come up with your own solution. Charlotte worked in the business in an Operations/HR/Business mentoring role and ensured an extremely supportive environment for all staff. She is highly approachable and her natural warmth encourages staff to ‘get comfortable’ discussing topics that may otherwise go undiscovered. I highly recommend Charlotte for any business. I worked with her in the recruitment sector but her skills are transferable to any organisation.

Jennifer Bartlett
Executive Manager Commonwealth Bank & Trust

We consider Charlotte to be an invaluable support to Bushlink as we experience rapid growth of our social enterprise. Charlotte has provided individual guidance in an honest, pleasant and open manner. Our enterprise is small but has complex issues and is growing quickly. Charlotte’s skills and perspective have significantly contributed to our understanding of business development and the success of our social enterprise. I would highly recommend Charlotte and thank her for all her support.

Cathy Hockey (Sydney)
Manager, Bushlink Northside Enterprise Inc

Having opened the Talent Web Recruitment business five years ago I recently started a process of reviewing the roles and responsibilities of the senior leaders in the business and I was referred to Charlotte Rimmer at Aide de MD to assist in that process. I quickly realised that there was a lot of work in pulling apart our individual roles and repositioning our responsibilities and Charlotte was extremely effective in simplifying the process and working towards a solution. Charlotte was also great at holding us accountable to ‘homework’ and research to support what we were looking to do, this was followed up in each session with a Q&A around what had been done and Charlotte was happy to challenge anything she felt needed further clarification or more ‘homework’. The end result will be seen in the coming 12 months but for now we have a much clearer description and delineation of responsibilities, we have a better process in place for managing our time and that of our people and we have a very clear tactical and strategic plan to implement for the coming period. Charlotte’s Aide de MD program was exactly what we needed and without doubt deserves our recommendation.

Dave McKillop
Director Talent Web

I felt like I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Charlotte came with no other agenda but to help me stand back and get an overview and start planning with clarity.

Sarah Blair
Founder Velvet and Map of the Heart
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