Highly recommended. Charlotte is an empathetic, committed and passionate professional. In working with Charlotte I found her to be genuinely caring and sharp minded in terms of advocating for all stakeholders. This is a sacred space when working with a executives and Charlotte draws on her own skill sets that from what I’ve observed she maintains rigorously and harmonises with the individuals involved.

Anna Shepherd
CEO Regal Home Health

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Charlotte for almost 3 years. We approached Charlotte to assist us with strategic planning for our business during a period of significant change. Charlotte was an invaluable external commercial sounding board for us, who was able to work with us to identify and work towards our desired business goals.

Charlotte listened to us and provided us with clear management advice, challenging us to work towards our goals and supporting us to achieve them. She also assisted us with staff matters, providing coaching and mentoring for our staff. Charlotte’s clear, no nonsense, but gentle approach was exactly what we needed and her expertise and assistance have been invaluable. I would highly recommend Charlotte to any small business seeking an external business expert with a personal approach to guide them in the right direction. Charlotte has been an incredible mentor and I will be forever grateful for her guidance and support.

Julie Grasso
General Manager Legal Personnel

Charlotte has coached me during the transition from one role to another within the same organisation. She has been instrumental in helping me creating order and structure, providing me with many genuine insights and expertise. Very approachable and easy to work with, Charlotte is also generous in sharing ideas and in creating connections with other professionals in her network. I am very grateful for the coaching provided by Charlotte: the results of our work together made a great difference for me and gave me more confidence to reach my goals.

Rosa Mazzapica
Development & People Lead The Moriarty Foundation

I was looking around for a, well I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, all I knew was that we needed someone to come into the business as part consultant, part coach, part mentor, part objective opinion person and assist myself, my business partner and our recently promoted GMs to set the business on the right course for the next 5 years. After asking around I kept getting introduced to coaching companies that could come in and assess the business, then decide which coach would suit us best and then come back and work with us as a group and individually to grow and develop, blah blah blah…yes these companies have an important role to play and we previously had a coach for the company a few years ago and quickly learnt that it was benefiting the staff individually but had zero effect on the overall business as we required. Well then I was introduced to Charlotte Rimmer and over an eight minute phone call whilst driving in traffic we instantly hit it off….everything I said about wanting someone to come in and work with us to set the strategy, focus the business, mentor our GMs and pass feedback through a three way communication channel while being a part of the S2M family for the next 5 years was exactly the service she could offer. It’s been 6 months now and what can I say, working with Charlotte is a dream – she’s the only person that’s made our business accountable in 9 years and the impact has been remarkable. I don’t think I need to say much more, we love working with Charlotte and will continue to for years to come.

David Jackson

Charlotte works closely with our business and has helped us to set a plan moving forward. She has provided management advice, aided us with setting clear direction for our business and also helped us with making some crucial but extremely difficult decisions. Her advice has been invaluable to us. I would recommend Charlotte highly to any small business owner who is looking for a commercial sounding board. Anyone who can sit in between a husband and wife management team is a brave and strong person! Prepare to be challenged but in a really nice and supportive way!

Clare Barton
Director Barton Mills

Over a 6 month period the weekly Skype meetings with Charlotte, to help with the development of my business has proved invaluable. I live and work in Singapore and it can sometimes be a bit isolated in terms of getting help but the ability to do these meetings remotely allowed me to use an incredible resource. Many thanks Charlotte.

Simon Raftery
Orthomed Physio

Charlotte has asked the right questions to lead me to very solid business decisions. She has helped me focus and prioritise what is important in my business. Her coaching has helped me to evolve my business & direct it on a path that I am proud of. Charlotte is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with her wealth of knowledge & experience.

Marc Lynch
Creative director/Owner Digart Agency

Charlotte has been an invaluable sound-board, advisor and mentor to me over the past two years. Her dedication to ensuring that you have the very best advice and follow-up on how things are tracking and what results are being seen is commendable. Charlotte has challenged my thinking on a number of topics and has helped me approach challenges and obstacles from an alternative point of view. She builds trust quickly, always delivers on what she says she will and does it with enthusiasm, candor and an engaging and warm style. If you need a mentor, coach and guide and don’t mind doing homework (you will be expected to do homework!) and need someone that you can rely on regardless of the day of the week or time of the day then Charlotte is someone you should get to know.

Jason Ajai
Principal Partner Talent Web

Aide de MD is the perfect solution for me as a small business owner. I had been used to working in larger companies throughout my career where everyone had specialist roles so setting up Belle Porschelle required pulling together a variety of skills and working 24/7. I soon realised that it was not physically possible to do absolutely everything and that I was not allowing the business to grow as best I could. Charlotte knows a lot of excellent professionals and has put me in touch with some valuable contacts to improve efficiency and enable me to focus on sales and over viewing the business which has in turn improved performance. We meet monthly and I find this an excellent time to discuss with a like-minded peer various business initiatives and ensure that I have a dedicated timeframe to complete objectives from the last meeting before the next one! I highly recommend Aide de MD and Charlotte to any SME looking to ensure they run a truly effective business across all facets. The confidence she can provide with decision making is invaluable.

Reika Roberts
Managing Director Belle Porschelle and Derma Aesthetics Pty Ltd
    Aide de MD
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