Strategic Business Management


Strategic Business Management

Through our Strategic Business Management program, we work with businesses to create an infrastructure that allows for personal growth and development of individuals while achieving company goals. Through clever and experienced probing, we objectively define issues and roadblocks within the business.

Often, we find the leaders are cognisant of these issues. They need support and guidance to implement change to the infrastructure. We understand how important your people are, and that they have grown with you while weathering intense challenges.  And so, we workshop options together to find solutions.

The goal is a strategically aligned management team working towards your definition of success.  We ensure that your team consists of the right people in the right place owning accountability in a strong collaboration. 

Our approach

Our Strategic Business Management program is unique and tailored around your business requirements.  In the first instance, we will meet with you and your leadership team to understand your current business plan. In some cases, we re-work this plan. We identify “bottlenecks” and growth-limiting performance.

We tailor a program specific to you and your business, and work with you to modify and effect solutions. The program may include a combination of face-to-face meetings, remote meetings, workshops, and an R&D project for you and your management team. We check-in remotely between meetings which allows us to troubleshoot.


Through our Strategic Business Management program, we help your business will achieve the following:

  • An aligned, strategically successful management team working towards business goals
  • Consolidation, implementation and execution of a business plan uniquely designed for your stage of business
  • Achievement of accountability and confidence for individuals
Want to know more?

Case Study


We worked with a successful business with pro-active entrepreneurial management and clear 12 month business targets. However, the infrastructure was undefined due to rapid growth and resourceful, organic recruitment.


We were challenged with the task of developing infrastructure and processes without appearing to become micro-managing or over-investing in systems. An accountability framework was required and the management team needed encouragement and guidance to execute on the plan.


The following plan was customised and implemented:

  • Training: delegation and accountability frameworks
  • People: staff motivation and capacity and development
  • Comms system: WIPs and feed-back strategies
  • Coaching: for transitioning managers
  • Strategy: consulting and alignment


  • An efficient team “humming” in the same direction
  • Transparent accountability framework, and rapid fading of the “blame culture”
  • Decision making skills improved by the leadership team through clarity in direction
  • Relieved MD with a supportive and driven team


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