Workshops & Facilitation


Team Workshops we run are fun, interactive, lively events. They enable your teams to focus on collaboration and understanding your business strategy. Your people will be guided to work together to agree ways of working (WOW) and a plan which will improve direction and productivity in your business.

Charlotte is an experienced facilitator who understands company culture. She understands the key transitional phases of a morphing team. She will tease out the issues, call out the “elephant in the room” and thus, guide your team to harmony. We will also work through anxiety, insecurity and fear in a positive, constructive, and open environment.

Our experienced facilitators have run their own businesses, led and directed senior teams and have specialty skills. We match their skills with your needs to ensure they sense check effectively and that you will see success.


Charlotte loves working with people, seeing them develop and attain goals. She has a warm and friendly approach and keeps the room engaged, from teams of 10 Board members getting to know how they work in pressurised environments to MC’ing for 200 people at an event. She has run Aide de MD for 16 years and has a list of clients and testimonials to support her success. She loves the challenge of identifying issues and thinks quickly and on her feet to respond to the room. Reading a room is a skill borne from experience and EQ.

Charlotte works with you to ensure that your Board is working effectively to support the overarching strategy for your business, and to ensure an effective accountability framework, induction and communication process.

Setting the scene for an effective Board requires solid scaffolding and recognition of the importance of board fundamentals  and relationships. Using her combined experience, knowledge and learnings from the AICD Company Directors course, Charlotte ensures that Board members are able to contribute effectively in meetings. Spending a day with an external facilitator teases out potential issues, stresses and strains while reminding the board of their obligations through collaboration.

  • Create a language to enable improved communication, accountability and delegation
  • Strategies and tips to effectively implement planning and preparation
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration
  • Clarity in structure and framework
  • Confirmation of commitment
  • Enhanced understanding of everyone’s Way of Working (WOW)
  • Heightened collaboration and effectiveness
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