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Charlotte Rimmer

Charlotte Rimmer founded Aide de MD after 20 years of managing sales teams and SMEs. Charlotte’s diverse experience in sales and operational management in companies such as Chanel Limited, Jazz FM, Katz International and various recruitment firms in both London and Sydney provided solid experience for her business. This knowledge, combined with further education in Executive Coaching through the Institute of Coaching & Consulting, and the Company Director’s Course with the AICD, provides a hands-on, proactive approach to business management.

Over the last 15 years, Aide de MD has become a name synonymous with integrity, honesty, and a pro-active attitude to the constant challenge of achieving work/business/living balance. Charlotte has developed a unique, referral-based consultancy supporting MDs and CEOs across a broad range of industries. Through careful understanding of the business, she offers objective, constructive recommendations for improving direction, leadership and staff management. Then, she guides them to implement change through coaching, mentoring, consulting and facilitating in-house workshops. She has also created a management program and writes her own content for each unique course.

Charlotte’s success is measured through her clients’ achievements. Her motivation continues to be the satisfaction gained from guiding those clients to achieve their goals while managing extraordinary challenges along the way.

As part of her portfolio, Charlotte chaired the Advisory Board for Gillian Fox Group. She is an advisor to S2M Recruitment and has been working with Derma Aesthetics for over 10 years.  In September 2020, Charlotte was elected President of the Manly Business Chamber. She is a recognised advisor at The Advisory Board Centre and member of the AICD. Charlotte also provides pro bono services to Bushlink and Evergreen Music.

Charlotte’s reputation and genuine desire to succeed ensures that her clients remain a part of a select group who have access to her extended knowledge and experience on an on-going basis. Since 2014, she has repeatedly featured in the AFR, and has expanded to Brisbane and Singapore.

Charlotte lives on the Northern Beaches in Sydney with her husband and two sons. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, the beach and being with her family and of course, Freddy the dog.

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Charlotte Rimmer
Managing Director

If you would like to discuss the next stage for your business, please contact Charlotte Rimmer on +61 419 416 116.

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    Who is Aide de MD?

    Me, Charlotte Rimmer, and I support the MD / CEO of businesses across a broad range of industries including design, NFP, training, construction, recruitment, cosmetics.


    Because business owners have a full-time job running a business and as their business grows their time doesn’t increase incrementally.

    What are the main issues?

    Business strategy and investing time on the business rather than in the business. It’s challenging to split time between ensuring business is effective and profitable and improving efficiencies, infrastructure and staff management to enable growth.

    When and how do you support the growth of a business?

    Through regular reviews and clear accountability in meetings set fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. The key is to ensure that the review is consistent and that the difficult, challenging issues are addressed, not ignored.

    Is this successful?

    Yes, addressing and confronting issues which could be avoided due to time constraints generally gives control back to the MD.

    How do you address issues?

    By setting time aside to consider if the business is on track – asking questions about what they expected of their business, purpose and vision.

    What are the outcomes of these meetings?

    Advancement of goals, clarity in direction, review of the business plan and peace of mind for the MD.

    What if it is 100% on track?

    Fantastic, applause all around, time to congratulate them and encourage further growth and perhaps some risk taking to move to the next stage.

    What if the business isn’t where they expected it to be?

    Aide de MD asks the questions and considers other angles that may not have been raised. Encourage a revisit of the initial business plan and supporting documents, objectively consider if they are still relevant or need changing to support the direction of the business.

    Aide de MD asks how and why – running a reverse appraisal on the business through objective eyes, sometimes challenges the MD.

    How do they like being challenged?

    Sometimes they love it, because it is the first time someone has genuinely asked them about their business and they can answer without fear of retribution. Even close management teams find it difficult to question the direction of the principal.

    Does the MD get defensive?

    No, the role of Aide de MD is to offer a safe environment for the MD to consider, review and discuss their business in a non-confronting manner.

    Is this successful?

    Yes, it is important to be direct and consider the issues from all angles with flexibility and empathy.

    Do MDs like this?

    Yes, MDs often admit that the reason some aspects of their business aren’t developed is due to their own lack of accountability or ability to be side-tracked into other more “interesting” responsibilities.

    What are your values?

    Collaboration, honesty, integrity; a desire to help others to do the right thing and succeed in their own endeavours while offering a professional, intelligent service.


Alison Billaud

Alison Billaud has over 15 years’ experience as a business coach enabling business leaders to manage their teams and operating systems more efficiently to allow for rapid growth. Previously, Alison co-owned a retail surf shop at Sydney Airport for 5 years before selling to Billabong. With long operating hours at the airport, and a team of up to 20 staff, she gained a passion for developing efficient systems to support her team.

Alison joins Charlotte, Shelley, and Sarah to develop the Management Training arm of Aide de MD. Alison’s coaching experience ranges from unique hairdressing salons to corporate law firms and almost every industry in between. She believes that the principles of building a great team culture while simplifying operating systems should be applied in business. She loves to see clients smile with pride when they report back on the positive results achieved through coaching.

Alison’s love for facilitating success for people in business saw her launch an online business www.themilestoneacademy.com in 2018, selling practical pre-recorded video coaching to small business owners. She will work with Aide de MD while maintaining her own business.

When Alison is not working, she enjoys time with her husband and 3 children at one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches local beaches or entertaining people in their home. She loves travelling, wine, coffee and eating great food with friends and family.


Shelley Larkin

Shelley Larkin joined Aide de MD in 2018. As an Independent Consultant, with a background of over 18 years within Operations Management, Shelley joins Charlotte and Sarah to diversify the Aide de MD product offering focusing on business operations and HR. Shelley has worked across a variety of business sectors including; recruitment, private equity and property development and assisted in the structure, growth and expansion of SMEs within Australia. Charlotte and Shelley worked together previously and have maintained a strong relationship and referral system. She shares the values of Aide de MD, so it is with mutual pleasure that they work together again.

Shelley’s ethos is to engage with and have an authentic understanding in how businesses work successfully. She is keen to help them achieve their goals through improved efficiencies and effective operations. She is passionate, adaptable and enjoys a challenge.

When Shelley is not working, you will find her signed up to some form of a race whether it be a run, swim or obstacle race, being an un-official ‘UBER’ driver to her 3 children on the Gold Coast and doing daily meditations.

Shelley is taking a sabbatical during 2021.


Sarah Bernie

With more than 20 years of experience in administrative roles across a variety of industries including tertiary education, architecture and outdoor media, Sarah brings a professional yet personal touch to her role as Executive Assistant.

Having worked with Aide de MD for over 5 years, Sarah enjoys managing behind the scenes to ensure Charlotte’s client commitments are met and supported. She also liaises with Aide de MD’s associates and arranges events.

When Sarah is not organising Charlotte’s busy professional life, she can be found attempting a Pilates or barre class, walking along Manly Beach or spending time with her husband and daughter.

    Aide de MD
    Aide de MD is a consulting service offering business owners confidential support and guidance, working with businesses across Australia and Singapore. Aide de MD specialises in accountability frameworks, growth strategies and businesses in transition.
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