Lunge Yoga studio had been opened for about a year or so when I engaged Charlotte and at the time I thought things were running smoothly, but I knew there was space for improvement but not sure how to go about it or what needed improving. I always thought there was something I might not already know, that could make the business work better, earn more, etc, but beyond that also find more life balance as well – being in the Yoga and Natural Therapies business. In a relatively short time of working with Charlotte I saw a positive difference in how the business was run and also with my interactions with clients and staff. Running the business side of things felt a lot smoother and less challenging and best of all I found more time to bring back balance as a whole into my own life. This was very important to me to achieve both balances in business and personal affairs as this is the message I give to the clients at Lunge Studio; and so wanted this reflected in my own life. With Charlotte’s assistance the running of Lunge Studio business became a lot simpler and I feel that life-balance was restored as a result. Lunge Studio is about restoring a natural balance back into people lives. Once the business running became more efficient with Charlotte’s guidance I was able to restore life-balance as well.

Louisa Kolega
Lunge Yoga

When Charlotte first told me about her new business venture I was delighted that someone was finally offering this much needed and rare service in Australia. I have now worked on and off with Charlotte for two years plus and at all times found her able to grasp concepts quickly, offer intelligent solutions and above all, listen.

Fraser Brown
Director Global Solutions

At the time Charlotte joined GOW, our business required someone to put in place some order and organisation around HR initiatives (employee reviews, training and development, etc), business services (legal, insurance, standard contract renewal, etc) and managing our business support team. Charlotte did a great job establishing systems and process/procedure across these business service related areas.

Andrew Gemmell
Director Gemmell Ovenden Walsh Recruitment

OneBuild Pty Ltd commissioned Aide de MD to assist a number of middle managers with their new roles in senior management. Charlotte was able to assist these managers in better understanding their new position descriptions and what was expected of them in a more senior position. Charlotte’s HR skills became apparent as she was able to get these managers to open up so that she was able to get to the core of any misgivings or stress about their new positions. The benefit for One Build and our new senior managers was that they became confident in their roles and had a sounding board if there were any uncertainties whilst knowing that there would be complete confidentiality. It is my belief that at least one of these managers may have found the transition to senior management a bridge too far without the assistance of Charlotte. All of these managers are still in their senior roles and performing extremely well. I would not hesitate in recommending Aide de MD for similar HR consulting.

Tom Silk
OneBuild Pty Ltd

Handling Matters employed Charlotte Rimmer to assist in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of our 2 day conference at Cypress Lakes Hunter Valley. Charlotte had come highly recommended to us by a fellow work colleague. We were thoroughly impressed with Charlotte’s keen directive, professional and tremendously organised approach to our conference. Charlotte has an extremely friendly and approachable persona which we all enjoyed. We would certainly recommend Aide de MD to any potential business looking at hosting a conference. We will certainly be employing Charlotte’s services for our next Handling Matters conference.

Michelle Chapman and Kirsty MacPherson
Directors Handling Matters Pty Ltd

Charlotte Rimmer brought unique and impartial insight into the way we managed all aspects of our business. Her innovative approach in facilitating strategy formulation was both enjoyable and inspirational.

Carolyn Starkey and Colin Skyba

Charlotte is my ‘go to person’! As a small business owner it can be difficult to maintain perspective when you are working in the business every day. Charlotte provides me with the wisdom and perspective I need to set future direction and to be my sounding board when things get tricky. Charlotte knows my business well enough to give me much needed guidance and has sufficient distance to provide me with sage objectivity. I highly recommend Charlotte to any business owner who needs someone they can trust to stand by their side when things are tough and take their hand on the journey to increased growth and profitability.

Gwen McIlroy
Managing Director Managing Director, McIlroy IR Group
    Aide de MD
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