Team Workshops


Team Workshops

The Team Workshops we run are fun, interactive, lively events. They enable your teams to focus on collaboration and understanding your business strategy.

Our unique workshop facilitation will bring a whole new perspective to your team. Your people will be guided to work together to agree a strategy and a plan. This will result in improved communication across your business.

Charlotte, an experienced facilitator, understands company culture. Moreover, she understands the key transitional phases of a morphing team. She will tease out the issues, call out the “elephant in the room” and thus, guide your team to harmony. We will also work through anxiety, insecurity and fear in a positive, constructive, and open environment.

Our Approach

Firstly, we will discuss the issues and concerns you have around your people in line with your preferred path. This will then determine the objectives of your uniquely planned Team Workshop.

After this initial discussion, we will prepare a scope for the workshop. Once this is finalised and approved, the facilitation process will start. During this time, we will contact your people individually to prepare for the workshop if required.

Workshop Format

Our workshops are half day or full day on-site or off-site. They are in two parts to ensure the successful execution of ideas.

Whole teams are usually involved in the sessions. However, you can include the business as a whole or a split between sales & commercial and front of house & operations. A business exercise may be performed to allow everyone to contribute. We also ensure that the various teams learn more about the operations of their counterparts. As a result, they will converge smoothly.

A new plan is agreed during the workshop with all accountabilities and responsibilities acknowledged.  We then create a time-line for follow up either autonomously or with further facilitation.


Our Team Workshops have a real focus on the alignment of your people.  The workshop will achieve the following for your business:

  • An aligned, strategically successful business team working collaboratively towards transparent business goals
  • A common language
  • Improved communication
  • Solution focussed teamwork balancing skills and ability
Want to know more?

Case Study


Aide de MD worked with a business of enthusiastic, motivated individuals reporting to entrepreneurial leaders. However, the leaders were unclear how to communicate values and accountability to individuals to ensure a collaborative environment.


Our challenge was to encourage the company to grow and achieve business goals while working co-operatively with pooled resources.


We held a team workshop commencing with a business SWOT.  The workshop was focussed around team building with a purpose in a fun, motivating and charged environment. A plan was then created with team accountability and transparent progress.



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