Strategy Workshops

What is a Strategy Workshop?

Aide de MD confirms the business strategy with the MD and considers highlights and lowlights. The team is contacted individually to prepare, and a business SWOT is performed ensuring all parties contribute. A new plan is agreed with accountabilities and responsibilities acknowledged and time lined.

Who should attend the workshop?

The whole team. This can include the whole business or a split between sales/commercial and front of house/operations.

Program Format
  • A preliminary phone call followed by a¬†preparatory meeting
  • A thorough understanding of the outcome required
  • A business SWOT analysis
  • Half day or full day strategy workshop on-site or off-site as required
  • An aligned, strategically successful business team working collaboratively towards transparent business goals.
  • Team understanding and commitment to the task at hand
  • Comprehension of the business strategy
  • A unique awareness of business shortcomings and strengths
  • A highlight of weaknesses and improvement opportunities
Want to know more?

Case Study


Enthusiastic, motivated individuals reporting to entrepreneurial leaders. Leaders unclear how to communicate values and accountability to individuals to ensure collaborative environment.


Encourage the company to grow and achieve business goals while working co-operatively with pooled resources.


Strategy workshop commencing with a business SWOT and ending in a plan with team accountability and transparent progress. Team building with a purpose in a fun, motivating and charged environment.

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