Mentoring Business Leaders


Mentoring Business Leaders

Mentoring is designed for MDs, CEOs and business leaders who are leading growing organisations. Plans change and businesses have a way of taking on a life of their own. We understand that you need to be fluid while keeping control. In collaboration , we build a simplified infrastructure with improved accountability which will give you more headspace for  strategy .

We partner with you, listen to you and keep you accountable. We assess your unique set of challenges, understand your purpose and offer clarity around your personal and business goals. Together, we soundboard options and tailor a plan.  Then we work collaboratively to implement and manage the plan to achieve your milestones.

Aide de MD works with a multitude of businesses across a wide range of industries and has experience to share.

Our Approach

We meet to understand your personal and professional challenges. Then we tailor a specific program for you and your business. Our engagement consists of 2 hour meetings on-site fortnightly then shifting to monthly once the plan has been agreed and implementation takes place. We check-in remotely between meetings which allows for troubleshooting.


Mentoring provides:

  • Structured business management and upskilling
  • Clarity in personal, professional and business goals
  • Achievement of the annual business objectives
  • Increase in confidence, transparency, and direction
  • Accountability, and guidance for those actions you haven’t performed previously
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Case Study

We worked with a 35 person company led by two partners. The business had strong revenue growth. However,  leadership and individual accountability was under-defined.


Our challenge was to clarify partner accountabilities across separate geographic locations, to strengthen relationships within the business,  and to improve communication to staff. We mentored the 2 Directors together and coached them individually.


Over a 12 month period of engagement, we:

  • facilitated open discussion around partner responsibilities, thus strengthening the partnership
  • improved accountabilities across all staff in line importantly with company requirements
  • guided and facilitated monthly management meetings together with quarterly business reviews as this demonstrated their value and created a lasting structure
  • made recommendations around communication which resulted in improved communication to staff
  • asked the “Elephant in the Room” questions which then shaped communication overall with a culture of transparency.
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    Aide de MD is a consulting service offering business owners confidential support and guidance, working with businesses across Australia and Singapore. Aide de MD specialises in accountability frameworks, growth strategies and businesses in transition.
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