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Business Consulting


Business Consulting

What is Business Consulting?

We meet with you and your management team to understand your current business plan; and in some cases, to re-design this plan. We will identify “bottlenecks” and growth limiting performance and work with you to modify and effect solutions.

Who should enquire?

Business Consulting programs are for MDs / CEOs of privately-owned SMEs who have been running their business for over 2 years. You are either considering preparing for sale or the next growth strategy requiring an accountable executive management team.

You have recognised the need to create a sustainable infrastructure as you are too crucial to the business and need to implement autonomy and a succession plan.

Program Format
  • A preparatory discussion to customise the program for your needs
  • Meetings for approximately 2 hours on-site commencing fortnightly then shifting to monthly once the plan has been agreed and implementation takes place
  • A Strategy Workshop with key staff
  • Management program uniquely designed for your team
  • An aligned, strategically successful management team working towards the chosen goals
  • Consolidation, implementation and execution on of a business plan uniquely designed for your stage of business
  • Inclusive of management team when required
  • Increase of accountability and confidence from achieving clearly laid out company goals
Want to know more?

Case Study


Successful business with undefined infrastructure due to rapid growth and resourceful hiring. Pro-active entrepreneurial management with clear 12 month business targets.


Develop infrastructure and processes without micro managing staff or over investing in administration. Create an accountability framework and encourage management team to implement tools to achieve goals.


Encourage delegation by partners. Understand staff strengths/weaknesses; plan constructive regular WIPs and communication strategies both within the team and across departments. Run management program with key staff allowing internal promotion while harnessing individual commitment.
Transition coaching for management team, business consulting with key senior managers to improve company infrastructure; formulate succession plans for senior staff.

    Aide de MD
    Aide de MD is a consulting service offering business owners confidential support and guidance, working with businesses across Australia and Singapore. Aide de MD specialises in accountability frameworks, growth strategies and businesses in transition.
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