Advisory Board

Advisory Board

We work with you to identify an effective timeline and structure for an Advisory Board for your business. We help you to select and invite members to ensure a valuable problem solving group with a diversified skill set. We work together to assess the preparation required and structure the process to ensure a professional, constructive solution.

We can chair your Advisory Board, or we can be on your panel.


We will have a 2-hour meeting to determine what your business requires. We will then present to you a unique proposal for your business.

  • A supportive, problem solving advisory board working with you to challenge and encourage you and your business to the next level

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Case Study


Privately owned company operating for over 5 years, 15 staff, consistent but stalled growth.


Assess status and understand limitations while not impeding operations. Offer an objective perspective and solution focussed “safe” environment for the business owner to unpack and understand roadblocks and unsuccessful strategising. Encourage ambassadorship and pro-active Board members.


An external Chair encouraging accountable approach for individual advisors while ensuring effective time management, accountability framework and improved business reflection points. Outcomes will show directly increasing revenue results.


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    Aide de MD is a consulting service offering business owners confidential support and guidance, working with businesses across Australia and Singapore. Aide de MD specialises in accountability frameworks, growth strategies and businesses in transition.
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