Aide de MD offers a variety of programs utilising experience gained over a 10-year period.  As each business is unique, so are these programs. There is a base infrastructure and, following discussions with you and your key management team, a specific approach is recommended.  We use formulas but we are not formulaic.

Sessions include reviewing strategies in the business to ensure profitability, while gaining clear insight to the next steps required for the business to consolidate or grow effectively. On-going objective review of these strategies are developed to enable execution of the business plan.

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Mentoring is designed for MDs, CEOs and business leaders who are leading growing organisations. Plans change and businesses have a way of taking on a life of their own. We understand that you need to be fluid while keeping control. In collaboration , we build a simplified infrastructure with improved accountability which will give you more headspace for  strategy .

We partner with you, listen to you and keep you accountable. We assess your unique set of challenges, understand your purpose and offer clarity around your personal and business goals. Together, we soundboard options and tailor a plan.  Then we work collaboratively to implement and manage the plan to achieve your milestones.

Aide de MD works with a multitude of businesses across a wide range of industries and has experience to share.

Our Approach

We meet to understand your personal and professional challenges. Then we tailor a specific program for you and your business. Our engagement consists of 2 hour meetings on-site fortnightly then shifting to monthly once the plan has been agreed and implementation takes place. We check-in remotely between meetings which allows for troubleshooting.


Mentoring provides:

  • Structured business management and upskilling
  • Clarity in personal, professional and business goals
  • Achievement of the annual business objectives
  • Increase in confidence, transparency, and direction
  • Accountability, and guidance for those actions you haven’t performed previously
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Our leadership coaching program provides one to one advising and mentoring to leaders within your business in a structured confidential meeting. We unpack concerns regarding new roles and skillsets and explore opportunities to develop professionally.

We listen and gain an understanding of unique personal blocks and then build live scenarios to improve confidence. Our coaching will inspire your leaders to step into sometimes uncomfortable positions with a supporting structure. We encourage opportunities to enable career progression through increased self-awareness.


Leaders will recognise the gaps between their current and target roles. Their confidence and increased self-awareness guides and supports the changes in attitude and behaviour.

PROGRAMSLeadership Programs

We provide direct team training programs designed for leaders within your business.


The Management Immersion Program is an inclusive, training program for both unskilled and recent managers. Our experienced facilitator guides participants through a series of topics while discussing real and current scenarios. The aim is to build management knowledge alongside confidence and skills. Decision making, authority and communication skills will be reviewed and addressed within a safe environment of up to five managers/emerging leaders. Participants will be invited to bring real examples to the sessions for discussion enabling practical advice and development of a peer support network.
We work with you to ensure the right mix of skills and experienced participants and align to the relevant facilitator/coach.

Two individual sessions per person are included for specific coaching.


An inclusive, hands-on training program for skilled managers who have completed the MIP program or achieved equivalent experience. The program is run by a senior facilitator/coach who guides participants through a series of topics while discussing real scenarios. We build leadership skills and self-confidence. Decision making, accountability frameworks and communication skills are challenged and discussed within a safe environment. Individuals are required to practice and audit current work practices. We encourage the development of a peer support network and perspective. 2 individual sessions are included for specific one-to-one coaching.

Two individual sessions per person are included for specific coaching.


This program is designed for team leaders to improve accountability. It outlines the relevance and structure of an accountability framework. We deliver tools and recommendations for successful implementation to improve teamwork and productivity. We work through time management, delegation, communication, and accountability.

Your team will gain purposeful knowledge and skills required to manage effective, collaborative teams. A focus on decision making, authority and communication as well as real scenarios will increase confidence and awareness.

Participants will learn the purpose of an accountability framework, and understand how to implement and manage it within their team. They will learn tips and tools to improve efficiency in their daily work and have confidence to make the changes required
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