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Micromanagement, what is it?

in Articles by Charlotte

“Just leave it, I’ll do it”, sigh. Is micro-management the fault of the staff member who “just doesn’t get things done” or the manager who “doesn’t delegate, give clear direction or empower their staff”? An interesting situation and very common but the question of communication is rarely raised, just fingers pointed and frustration aired. How […]

Structure & Balance

in Articles by Charlotte

Structure, in the office and at home, allows you freedom to be impulsive…sounds confusing but makes sense when you think about it. Prioritising some of the day for you to work on the business or consider your next steps encourages considered risk taking rather than fire-fighting, so important when you manage a business. I do […]

What Does Your Business Mean?

in Articles by Charlotte

Question: In your logo, what does the man under an umbrella sitting on a ladder represent? An interesting question. A long-standing client of mine posed the above question this week and I had to stop and think about the answer. I chose the picture when I launched my business because it represented so many different […]

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